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Charitable Trusts

The Charitable section of the tax code is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked for high end planning work. The IRS has a basic rule; you have 3 doors to leave your money;

  1. Family (up to $7,000,000 today)
  2. IRS (anything above $7,000,000 is a 55/45 split with the family/IRS)
  3. Charity  (unlimited amounts)

A huge misconception in the planning world today is the selecting charity will and can effectively disinherit the family.  This is not true. TailorMade Financial possess the experience and working knowledge of all charitable entities;

  1. CRT
  2. CRUT’s
  3. NIMCRUT’s
  4. CLT
  5. CLAT’s
  6. Family Foundations

If it fits the clients’ needs TailorMade Financial will demonstrate the actual measurable benefits, not only today but after death as well.