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Cash Accumulation

In the big picture of Estate, Business, Tax, and Asset Planning and Protection, properly positioned asset dollars is the webbing that holds the four aspects together and stretches well beyond just retirement planning.  If retirement dollars can be positioned to be tax efficient upon distribution, the value of that income can be effectively increased.  Conversely, retirement dollars due to tax treatment, based on multiple tax triggering events, can be counterproductive to the overall plan and therefore decrease the value of that income.  Doing this can perpetuate the inefficiency of handling each aspect as a singular item versus the whole.

There are a multitude of different tax buckets in which individuals can invest, grow, and accumulate liquid net worth.  By understanding clients’ needs and goals TailorMade Financial can create the proper balance between reinvestment into business holdings and personal liquidity, which is another critical component in a properly designed financial roadmap.