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About Us

Our Mission

TailorMade has a firm belief that success will only be accomplished by understanding that it’s the goals of the clients that matter, not ours.  In order to achieve the client’s goals we gain a clear understanding as to who they are, what they care about, and what they are trying to accomplish, all the while maintaining the client’s best interest as paramount. 

Our Strengths

The vast knowledge, experience, and aptitude of the individuals who make up TailorMade Financial are its core competency and strength. Only through combined experience, that spans over half a century, and a proficiency in Estate and Trust Law, IRS Tax Codes, Life Insurance, etc. are we capable of understanding and identifying a client's specific needs then designing an overall structure to fit those needs. By having this unique background we approach every clients situation in the spirit of the team approach. By proactively working with the client’s legal counsel and accountants we can effectively manage the process from start to finish.

With a unique combination of estate planning, asset protection, tax relief, and cash accumulation, TailorMade Financial fulfils a very specialized niche in the financial services market.